Promotions from supermarket chain "Salute"

Save money 1 to 7 March!

Every day from 1 to 7 March has additional bonuses - 7 times more bonuses for particular goods!
Here are details on what kind of goods is carried out additional bonuses.

Fish Monday:
Frozen, smoked and dried, live, salted fish

Sweet Tuesday:
packaged, bulk candy, candy boxes

Beautiful Wednesday:
tools for hair and skin and hands - shampoos, balms, conditioners, hair dyes, cosmetic creams and gels for the face and hands.

Children Thursday:
baby accessories, baby food, toys (excluding books), diapers

Thrifty Friday:
Household goods, glassware (glass, ceramics)

Pure Saturday:
detergents to clean, wash, washing

Carefree Sunday:
Frozen semi-finished products packaged and weight.

Promotional products marked with special labels on the shelves.
Additional bonuses are not awarded to promotional products.
The offer is valid in all supermarkets "Salut".


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