Proposals for advertising in supermarket «Salute»:

  • Placing audio advertising in the store
  • Conducting promotions, tastings, sampling
  • Advertise on cash tape (on the back of the cash register receipt)
  • Placing flyers at the cash register (A5, DLL)
  • Branding lockers
  • Placing stickers on the floor
  • Placing stoppers (20cm x 90cm)
  • Placing wobblers
  • Placing shelf talkers /30 cm /
  • Placing overlays on price tags
  • Branding partitions in cash tapes
  • Branding trolleys
  • Placing banners on the trading floor 1 * 1.5m
  • Advertising brand in small and large packages


As for advertising, please contact:
Head of Marketing
Futruk Catherine