Seventh supermarket "Salute" is open!

November 25, 2015 opened its doors to customers seventh supermarket "Salut".
The shop is located at - Kovel Boulevard Lesi Ukrainian 29, near the bus station.
This is the second store "Salut" in Kovel.

Trading of the new supermarket area is about 600 square meters and it is located on the first floor of the shopping complex.
On the second floor of the shopping complex continues active preparation for the cozy pizzeria.

Residents of the town and guests will appreciate the quality and tasty products of own production "Salut", because the store is equipped with a full baker, culinary, pastry and butcher shops.

For buyers supermarket has various promotional offers:
    monthly new brochure
    weekly discounts for the top 50 products - "The price of the week"

For regular customers in store loyalty program, through which you can earn on purchases also have special offers for birthdays.

For the convenience of customers at the shopping complex is equipped with car parking.

So welcome! Visit the new store today!