About supermarket chain “Salute”

The history of the network of «Salute» goes back to their first supermarket «Salute» on the street. Konyakina 14, 2002.

The supermarket chain "Salut" currently has 7 supermarkets in the Volyn region. The total sales area network is 4000 m ², the area under the small enterprise — production shops is 500m ².

Supermarket «Salute»:

  • Supermarket «Salute», Lutsk, ave. Sobornosti, 22;
  • Supermarket «Salute», Lutsk, ave. Hrushevskoho 20;
  • Supermarket «Salute», Lutsk, blvd. Druzhby narodiv, 3;
  • Supermarket «Salute», Lutsk tel. Konyakina, 14;
  • Supermarket «Salute», Vladymyr-Volynskyj str. Danyla Galyckogo, 87;
  • Supermarket «Salute», Kovel str. Nezalezhnosti, 56;
  • Supermarket «Salute», Kovel , blvd. Lesy Ukrainky, 29;

Our staff makes the network in order to visit the supermarket «Salute» was pleasing to the consumer.

All stores «Salute» maintain uniform standards of customer service, exterior and interior design trade halls. The range of products in the supermarket is more than 10 thousand.

In 2010, PP «TD» Salute «won in the category «Production"(Bakery: Pastry for home) at the national competition as a «100 best goods of Ukraine» (regional round of the competition» The best products and services in Volyn» 2010).

Since its inception, PE «TD» Salute «guided by principles that differ favorably from the competition and allowed to not only survive in an unstable political and economic situation, but also demonstrate the stability and prosperity.

These principles are the following:

  • individual approach to each client;
  • seriously its obligations;
  • using modern principles of operation;
  • implementation of innovative projects and management techniques.

Business success, because there is a team of highly qualified professionals. The company employs over 450 people.



Seventh supermarket "Salute" is open!

November 25, 2015 opened its doors to customers a new supermarket "Salut". The shop is located at - Kovel Boulevard Lesi Ukrainian 29, near the bus station.

Seventh supermarket "Salute" is open!
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